A List Of Bright Ideas For Dissertation Topics In Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is an ever changing profession due to laws being tweaked, technology being implemented like body cams for police officers, and a variety of other ways in and out of the courtroom and police station. No matter what changes are made to the system, the job, the core purpose of Criminal Justice is to ensure the law is implemented in the proper and safe way. Not only for those on the outside of the bars but for prison inmates and persons awaiting their trial in order to determine if they are innocent or guilty.

For all of that to happen, the men and women in college classrooms all across the country must do everything he/she can do to learn as much information as possible. Long hours of studying will no doubt have to be undertaken for all of that information to be processed and stored away, not only for tests but for when real world challenges are present, and the proper decisions must be made. So, as you’re studying, remember there is a dissertation right around the corner, and you must be prepared.

Writing the dissertation is only part of the process. You must know what it is you will write about before the writing can begin. So, let us take a look at some bright ideas for all that research you will be doing in order to write that paper:

Topic 1:

With the growing number of police officer shootings in the United States, is it time for every officer to have access to high-powered rifles in the squad car?

Topic 2:

The private sector of Jail Systems in the United States: A good thing for the nation and taxpayers or a failed system in need of change?

Topic 3:

Wrongfully committed prisoners in the United States are often given nothing upon release to the free world. Pay the average college graduate salary of about $50,000? Or does the system owe anything?

Topic 4:

Courtroom coverage as a form of entertainment: A look into the fascination with crime and the general population of America.

Topic 5:

ISIS and America: How their ideals affect crime in this country.

Listed are five topics or ideas for you to form fascinating research toward your own bright idea about criminal justice. This is a topic that affects our everyday life in America. So, much thought must go into what ideas can possibly change the way the law is enforced or looked at.