Selection Of Fresh Dissertation Titles For Marketing Students

Marketing students need to realize that the world today is more receptive to marketing than ever before. These days there are so many people who are looking for information of some kind. Every other day you will come across someone who is searching for information that can help them learn as much as they can about a given brand, or some product or service that they might be interested in. Therefore, as a marketing student, all these are opportunities that you need to learn how to exploit, so that you can eventually write a good paper that will see you score some good points.

The following are some fresh dissertation topics that can help you out when you are looking for something that you can present for your paper:

  • Discuss the current spread of e-marketing as an important part of the strategic marketing mix
  • Highlight the key elements of the marketing mix, citing relevant examples of their application in the real world
  • Discuss why branding is important to any business that seeks recognition
  • Discuss the importance of marketing, to students who are just about to select their courses, encouraging them about the prospects available to them once they graduate
  • Discuss the reason why research is considered an important element in marketing
  • Clearly outline the process of strategic marketing planning and how this would help an organization
  • Discuss some of the effects that the internet has had on marketing, with an emphasis on the pros and cons
  • Discuss how modern marketing has evolved over the years
  • Highlight the key features that are necessary for creating, marketing and financing a new business venture
  • Discuss the concept of Marketing 2.0, as considered to be the new language of marketing
  • Explain the reasons why the new approach to marketing by Netflix has been a success, citing credible examples and relevant sources
  • Explain the correlation between green marketing and CSR
  • Present valid reasons why Nokia as a brand failed to delve deeper into the African market and its subsequent challenges after the Microsoft/Lumia deal

As a marketing student, these are some good points that you can always work with at any given time. You can also look at the way they are written, then use the same concept to come up with other ideas that might come in handy for you on short notice, assuming that you cannot find help promptly.