Things That Must Be Included In Your Dissertation Proposal Presentation

Before you can start the process of a dissertation proposal presentation, it is important to consult your committee and supervisor. Some of the details that should be included in the proposal include:

  • Background theory
  • Methodology. This should e organized in some chapter headings
  • Working hypothesis
  • Bibliography

In case the work should be presented in another format like performance it is important to ensure that you have included this in the proposal. There are also some graduate programs that may require you to defend the work.

How to document the proposal

If you would like to save the stress and time, you will need to keep a bibliography of the articles and other information pieces that you find as you carry out your initial research in the library.

Thesis proposal

There are a few tips that you should consider when writing this part:

  • Ensure that you maintain full bibliographic information such as the author, title, date and place of publication
  • Ensure that you include a full bibliographic reference. This should be included on the first page of each article that you photocopy
  • Ensure that you maintain a running bibliographic that is updated
  • Ensure that you have a note book at hand to jot down any ideas that come to your mind
  • It is also a good idea to ensure that you work collaboratively. You can ask your friend to help you look for book chapters and articles

What to include in the dissertation

In the first chapter, you should include a problem as well as its context. You should start by creating an overview of what the chapter contains. In what context is the problem situated? How does the context influence the area of the problem?

Identify the research question

This should provide a brief overview of how you intend to address the research question. At times, you will find the information provided the section of the general problem area. There are also some people who will wait until the third chapter to address this issue.

Problem area significance

This should discuss why it is significant to address the problem area.

Limitation of your study

In this section you will need to discuss the factors that limit the way you make some knowledgeable claims as well as generalization of the study.

Context of your research problem

This should develop in more details the discussions of the contexted that is presented in the first chapter

Literature review

This should include the empirical work and any conceptual/theoretical writings on the topic.


This should include the findings of the study.