A Quick Overview Of MBA Dissertation Topics In Healthcare

Thanks to the bright minds in the healthcare field over the past 50 years, we have been able to see the tremendous progression as a society. Many solutions and advanced medicine/medical techniques have helped individuals not only cope with physical/health problems but also save/extend their lives.

When it comes to writing your MBA dissertation about healthcare, understand that you have a wide variety of topics to choose from. However, we are going to share quickly with you a few unconventional topics that will not only be unique for you to cover, but also learn about more in-depth as well.

Is bleach the cure for cancer we have been looking for?

Yes, you are reading that right, bleach has come into the equation when it comes to finding a cure for cancer. Of course, when we refer to bleach in its household form that we all know of, this is not what researchers have been speaking of per se.

(*Notice: Please do not attempt nor recommend nor attempt to use bleach for cancer patients at all.)

Healthcare professionals have been running extensive tests on the correlation between what and how exactly the chemical composites/ingredients in cancer have been able to eliminate cancer cells.

How can we continue to progress prosthetic solutions?

Unfortunately there are diseases and situations that cause an individual to lose a limb (or multiple). However, with the new technological advancements many amputee patients have been able to utilize the capabilities of robotic limbs. Through extensive surgeries and conditioning, it is great to see how individuals that lose their real body limbs are able to live life as normal as possible thanks to prosthetic solutions.

Will there ever be a way to restore vision to the blind?

Another major topic being discussed in the healthcare field is being able to restore sight to the blind. One of the most sensitive parts of our bodies is our eyes and to proceed any type of surgery procedure is of the utmost efficiency. Discuss the new ways in which bionics are possible to reverse the blind to having vision again.

Overall when it comes to the healthcare field, we can look back at the history, fast forward to now and realize just how far we have truly come from. With these topics not only will you be able to write an extensive and well thought out dissertation, but you may also be one of the bright minds to also bring new perspectives to that specific topic.