20 Topics To Investigate In A Chemistry Dissertation

The Science behind Chemistry

Chemistry is an area of science that studies chemical formulas, structures and properties. It's not all about chemical compounds and their reactions to it. It can be the study of laboratory and library thesis which involves diligent research and systematic annotations combined with the observations of such tests.

What to Study and How

Choosing a chemistry dissertation can be particularly daunting, as it is important to choose a topic that will retain your interest throughout the course of your project. Similarly, you also need to consider what other students are studying in order to do something different.

There are literally dozens of chemistry dissertation topics you can explore and in the next section we will identify the top 20 chemistry dissertations for you to study if you wish. Take a look at the following list.

  1. Discuss the chemical compounds that cause the majority of food allergies in certain people
  2. Discuss what the chemical difference between eating organic foods and eating foods with pesticides are
  3. Discuss the long term and short term effects of vitamin deficiencies in humans
  4. Analyze the composition of a soda drink and the effects on the human body
  5. Discuss what the effect of acid rain that falls on gardens, trees and plants
  6. Discuss the effects of people using designer drugs such as MDMA on people of different ages
  7. Analyze the use of fluoride in water and the pros and cons
  8. Discuss how to capture carbon dioxide and it's various uses
  9. Discuss what chemicals are used to preserve foods that are shipped over long distances
  10. Analyze why there are different smells and what makes them unique
  11. Analyze what chemical principles are used to bake food
  12. Analyze what chemical reactions are noticed in the process of aging
  13. Discuss the chemistry principles that make generic drugs less expensive than branded drugs
  14. Discuss how plastic packaging can influence food and beverages
  15. Analyze how to replace eggs with a chemical substitute
  16. Discuss what chemicals cause alcohol poisoning
  17. Analyze the chemicals that give food allergies to people
  18. Analyze the chemicals in sugar that can be used as a battery supply
  19. Discuss why bio fuel is more efficient than traditional fuel
  20. Analyze the various chemicals from lava and magma rocks around the world

Tips to Make a Good Chemistry Dissertation

Always make sure you have a good understanding of the topic and whether you are creating a research project that is analytical, argumentative or descriptive. And download a thesis format sample so you can present your dissertation correctly. Keep your audience in mind and find evidence to support your main ideas.