Where To Search For Dissertation Proposal Rationale Example

An example provides a hint or idea of how your final dissertation will appear. A proposal convinces the vetting panel that you have an idea that is worth studying. It also indicates whether you have what it takes to complete it. Competence includes a work plan detailing the different activities required to actualize the paper and resources. It shows to the committee that you have the potential of a researcher on the topic. A good example will prove invaluable because it guides your work. However, a wrong one will mislead and result in low quality work. Where can you find a reliable example?

Request From Your Supervisor And Committee

The committee is set up to provide assistance in your writing process. It is composed of highly competent and exposed academicians. Part of their role is to offer guidance on the materials you need to complete your task. Request them to assist you with samples or references where you can find the examples. They also assist you on how to use the examples include areas where instructions do not match and thus require modifications. It is advantageous if the examples come with comments from supervisors.

Check From Library Websites

The role of a library is to support the academic pursuit of students and faculty in the institution. Libraries therefore stock a variety of materials in multiple disciplines, topics and for different academic levels. You will find dissertation proposal examples in your area of study and others disciplines. Library assistants will help you locate a reliable example. Libraries also upload these resources online. This enables easy access from anywhere and at any time. The quality of uploaded materials is still reliable.

Check From Your Department

Departments have mini-libraries or databases where they stock discipline specific resources. Contact your supervisor to provide direction on existence and access to these materials. Most of these examples are the exceptional ones of past years. As such, they may contain supervisor comments, which is an added advantage. They are also free of charge.

Writing Agencies

Writing agencies provide customized examples on request. All you will be required to do is provide the instructions given by your supervisor. You will most likely pay for the example. Have an idea of what to expect to avoid being misled.

The quality of dissertation proposal rationale example you use will affect your ultimate performance. The example is to be used for reference purposes and never to be copied. Consider special instructions or requirements by your supervisor instead of imitating exactly what is on the example.