A Collection Of Winning PhD Thesis Topics In Psychology

Psychology is a subject that is all around us, all the time. All of us are somehow practicing the very teachings and lessons of the subject in daily lives. It is a branch of science that studies the human psyche, behavior and several of their functions. A lot of students, nowadays, are choosing psychology as their subjects in their undergrad years and are steadily taking it up in their Masters too. Pursuing a PhD in psychology could be challenging, since it is a dynamic subject, the scholars are exploring several known and unknown avenues and are coming up with studies that have never been studied and analyzed before. Therefore, it is highly recommended, that you go through certain topics, which have not only won accolades but also a successful completion:

  1. A study of the processes of memory and attention associated with neglect of visual stimuli
  2. Play therapy and its effectiveness on PTSD (Posttraumatic stress disorder) children
  3. How being a bilingual or learning a second language affects a person’s long term memory
  4. Effects of wartime evacuations on a growing child and a long-term effect of war survivors
  5. Investigation and analysis of the mechanism and function of Social Touch in children
  6. An analysis of the psychological impacts of allergies on one’s life and the people surrounding that person
  7. Analyses of a mother’s extreme care or neglect for her child in public and a study of the child’s psychology
  8. The ill-effects of a fragmented family on teenagers
  9. A study on the development of analogical reasoning and its effect on an argument
  10. Analysis of a child’s account of having a mentally ill parent
  11. The role of learning of words in category acquisition during childhood
  12. The effects of public humiliation on a person
  13. The effects of social recognition on a person
  14. How opposition works in case of a child versus an adult
  15. Analysis of the methods of learning about attentional cues by children
  16. The developments of analogical reasoning among children during playful arguments
  17. Development of psychological therapies in psychosis
  18. Understanding the psychology in autistic children
  19. Development and neural foundation of multimodal object representation among children
  20. The effect or impact of pre-school on children’s readiness to go to schools in under-developed countries

Hopefully, these twenty recognized PhD topics will be worth learning about before deciding on your own topic for dissertation.