Intriguing PhD Thesis Topics In Risk Management

Risk management involves analyzing, identifying, and addressing risks in a business. In so doing, losses are minimized and profits maximized. Notably, while picking a topic on the course, you must consider covering all the concepts of risk management such as risk financing, claims management and injury prevention. The topic should also be intriguing for your audience. Here are some of the topics to consider for your paper:

  • The impact of current trends in supply management on risk management strategies
  • There are different ways of conducting supply management in the contemporary world. This is because of various aspects such as globalization of markets, reliance on suppliers with high-specialization capabilities, and emergence of information technologies in supply chain coordination. These issues come with increased risks and can affect the financial health of a company.

  • The relationship between risk management and corporate social responsibility
  • This topic focuses on how firms can minimize risks by engaging in corporate social responsibility courses. You may want to focus on a case study of a firm that has thrived and minimized losses after such an initiative.

  • Social risk management
  • Here, you should research on how social risk is affecting firms in the global context. Explain why firms should be concerned and prepared for such risks. This is particularly important for multi-national firms.

  • Importance of liquidity risk management
  • Many banks around the world have come up with policies and rules on liquidity. They require firms to have high levels of liquidity to eliminate some of the malpractices in the investment world. A research on how risk management is critical in such instances can help investors to prepare well and make wise decisions.

  • Risk management in the oil industry
  • The fluctuation of prices in the oil market makes it necessary for investors to consider risk management. You can give an example of a firm that has managed to remain steady in the oil market due to proper risk management. Such paper will highlight the benefits of managing risks for firms operating in unpredictable environment.

Having chosen any of the above intriguing topics, you can be sure that the rest of the paper will be easy to complete. You should, however, narrow down to a specific aspect of the topic. Your paper must also be written with professionalism in mind. If you have issues completing such a project, go through various websites and find professional writers to assist you.